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About us

The CKU team

Joaquim (Kini) Muntada

Professional with more than 30 years of experience in machining metals and technical plastics.

Strong ties with top-level motorsport racers.

Always has up-to-date and first-hand knowledge on the world’s top motor racing championships and knows how to draw on his passion for the motor world as well as his experience as a professional.

He has an innate ability to both imagine and implement innovative technical solutions, in addition to simplifying any mechanism.

He holds the role of director and manager, and is the person who finances the prototypes and developments.

Javier Ullate

He has a 25-year track record as a mechanic for the motorcycling world championship within the structures of the official Honda HRC team, where he was the chief mechanic for Àlex Crivillé. Currently he works as the trusted mechanic for the racer Jorge Lorenzo as part of the official Yamaha team.

He has contributed his expertise in motorcycle mechanics and, specifically, racing motorcycles. His advice on materials, levers and how the individual components of a motorcycle work has been essential to the CKU being able to invoke the feeling of a real motorcycle.

He performs the role of commercial director as he knows the internal structures of the major motorcycling teams, sponsors, federations and schools. In addition, his complete knowledge of the product at a technical level makes him a key player for marketing, seeing as how a pioneering product requires having to answer many technical questions.

Àlex Crivillé

He is World Champion of motorcycling in the 125cc and 500cc categories. He continues to be associated with the day-to-day of the world championship, working as a TV commentator.

He acts as a racer and brings all of his experience to the table from riding racing motorcycles so that, by emulating the racer-mechanic relationship, Ullate can have the information he needs in order to do his job of regulating and placing pieces as if they were being placed on a real motorcycle.

He performs the role of a test rider, the hours that Crivillé spends on each of the CKU’s developments help to keep the simulating sensation intact, with regards to perception and in terms of the effort required.